• Quantvac Analytical system

    Optical Emission Spectrometer

    In heat treatment, constituent elements of metal materials is an extremely important factor. We conduct daily quality control as well as outsource analysis.

  • Vanadium carbide

    Magnetic powder flaw detector

    The principle for magnetic powder flaw detection: The discontinuity of the magnetic force line of ferro magnetic material that is already magnetized makes the magnetic force lines inside and near the surface of a workpiece distort locally, producing a leakage field (namely a magnetic field forming when the magnetic lines of induction go out of and enter the surface) which adsorbs the magnetic powder attaching to the surface and forming a magnetic trace that can be visually seen under properly lighting; and thus the position, shape and size of discontinuity of the workpiece are displayed.

  • Vanadium carbide

    A device used to measure hardness

    Use advanced hardness measuring equipment to obtain an accurate result.

    The company is equipped with advanced hardness measuring equipment. A piece of video measuring equipment is added to on a LCD, making the working process more visual and the measurement more accurate and providing the customer with reliable quality.